Reputation Management Program Changes / New Fee Structure

Reputation Management Program Changes / New Fee Structure

Choice Hotels unveiled two weeks ago changes to its Reputation Management department’s activity and fee structure. Among the key changes are increases in fees per occurrence for the current 72-hour negative review non-response activity, accelerating at 6 and 10 per month levels, though offering no fee for a single missed response once per quarter. 

In addition to changes to the fee schedule here, Choice will be adding a $100 fee per occurrence for ‘valid complaint’ calls made to Choice’s guest complaint line in its Guest Relations department, and move to resolve the issue on their own rather than direct calls back to the property for resolution. This $100 fee will be in addition to any cost that Choice incurs, including refunds, CP Points, etc., on behalf of the property, to resolve the issue.

Please visit your Choice Central page and review in detail the new fee schedule changes.

The following links were provided from Choice Hotels’ Reputation Management department as ideal starting points for property access for more detail on how your property has been performing in these areas. Please look at how these changes may impact your property and what steps you should take in the coming month to prepare.


Reputation Management Landing Page –


Reputation Management Success Toolkit –

            Rolling Start Video

            Stop Losing Money from Noncompliance


Also, please take advantage of resources available through Choice University, which has made great strides in making its information available in shorter and more accessible formats. A list of Choice U topics follow that have been recommended for helping improve in the reputation management and complaint resolution areas.

[Simply copy/paste any subject line below into the Choice U search box and it will lead you directly to it. We’ve tried it. It works.]


“Reputation Management – Your Reputation Matters”

“Medallia: Your Reputation is on the Line”

“Using Medallia:  Step-by-Step Guide for Responding to Guest Feedback”

“Capture Guests with Your Online Presence”

“Essentials of the Guest Experience”

“Making Stronger Guest Connections: Linking Employee Engagement and the Guest Experience”

“New Ways to Help Make a Wrong a Right”

“Essentials of the Guest Experience”

“Understanding Guest Service”

“Driving Guest Satisfaction and Staff Competence”


Please continue to connect with your ELFA Regional Director or anyone else on the ELFA board or home office with feedback or assistance with this change.


ELFA leadership also encourages all of our members to reach out to long-time ELFA sponsor My Hotel Reputation for professional 3rd party assistance in this area. MHR offers a $79 per month special (to ELFA members only) for their full-time guest review management service – a skilled and seasoned staff whose only job is doing just that. Many of our members have been using them for quite a while and it’s helped take a big load off on time and energy, while paying for itself along the way with no missed deadlines.

Louis Smith