Rates Center Webinars for Economy Properties Start This Week

Rates Center Webinars for Economy Properties Start This Week

Got a computer and a phone? (The answer is “yes”) Choice Hotels’ training department has assembled a series of 45-minute (or less) webinars to help properties gain a better understanding of Rates Center. The first of these, running November 15th, 16th, and 17th, offers a more introductory session on Rates Center’s terminology and functionality, while the second, scheduled to run two weeks later (after Thanksgiving week), will go in depth on helping put Rates Center to work utilizing its rate and revenue management capabilities. Sessions are spaced out for 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 4:00 pm Eastern Time to help properties from all time zones optimize the opportunity. Registration links are below.

The Language of Rates Center

Ever feel like they are speaking another language when they talk about Rates Center?  Become familiar with the terminology as we review the practical applications of Rates Center.  Learn how to control your inventory and make it easier for you to navigate this resourceful system.

Register here:

11/15/2016 11:00am Eastern Auto-Register URL: https://www.choiceuniversity.net/novus/content/register/webinar/1752

11/16/2016 1:00pm Eastern Auto-Register URL: https://www.choiceuniversity.net/novus/content/register/webinar/1753

11/17/2016 4:00pm Eastern Auto-Register URL: https://www.choiceuniversity.net/novus/content/register/webinar/1754



Knowing Your Rates Center

Gone are the tedious days of clicking on a date and entering individual rates. In this Economy Brand focused webinar learn how to plan and prepare your hotel’s rates and feel comfortable that you are one click away from changing those rates on high demand dates.  We will also cover using local rates plans to your benefit and all of the options available to you with Rates Center.

Register here:

11/29/2016 11:00am Eastern Auto-Register URL: https://www.choiceuniversity.net/novus/content/register/webinar/1755

11/30/2016 1:00pm Eastern Auto-Register URL: https://www.choiceuniversity.net/novus/content/register/webinar/1756

12/1/2016 4:00pm Eastern Auto-Register URL: https://www.choiceuniversity.net/novus/content/register/webinar/1757


Each webinar will have a follow-up Q&A session that will last as long as needed.

Note: If your property does not have an active user on Choice U, signing up for this webinar will help meet a requirement to maintain AD visits for the upcoming 2017 calendar year as part of Choice’s AD restructuring. See the Fall Regional Recap story for more information on this program.

Louis Smith