Fall Regional Recap

Fall Regional Recap

Did you attend one of the fall regional meetings?

Here’s a quick recap on the items discussed and your opportunity to take advantage of the show specials.

Choice Privileges Update:

Choice Hotels is proposing to increase the Choice Privileges assessment from 3% to 5% of room revenue in return for a $25 minimum room rate reimbursement (an increase from the current minimum of $17).  ELFA is working with Choice to ensure that our membership receives better mind-share of customers through wider advertising before the change takes place. Contact your ELFA Regional Director for details or concerns about the CP program.

Getting more than your fair share of CP reservations? Reach out to your Choice Area Director, who can adjust your reward point level for redemptions.

Co-Op News

Are you in co-op? Do you want to make at least an 8:1 return on your investment?

Rates for co-op membership are as follows:

60 rooms or less: $550 annual fee

61 or more rooms: $850 annual fee

Join by contacting ELFA Executive Director Louis Smith at lsmith.elfa@gmail.com  or email the co-op department at enroll@choicemarkit.com

Check your property ROI by going to

Quick Links-> Property Info Manager->Reports->Co-op Online Banner Report


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Smart Marketing

Do you need some business cards? Would you like to make a rack card or a sales flyer for wedding groups?  You can do this by accessing the Smart Marketing site!  If you are a co-op member, access to site and designs are free.  You just pay for printing.

On Choice Central, go to Marketing->Smart Marketing

Third Party Reservation News:

Expedia and Orbitz has merged. For now reservations are continuing to come in under its previous SRP. (Expedia: LEXP, Orbitz: LNET)

If you receive an Expedia reservation with the CP logo, the guest does not get CP points.

Reservations that are faxed to the hotel from Expedia mean that that the interface is temporarily broken between Choice and Expedia or it is a same-day reservation. Please check to see that this reservation is already put into Choice Advantage or put it into the computer.

Rates Center

Choice Hotels is proposing that all Econo Lodges use Rates Center for rates and inventory management. To get ready for Rates Center, on choicecentral.com enter Rates Center Success Kit for economy hotels in the search box and learn all about it. For conversion, allow for 90 days- 6 months. You will have to learn the system, take some training, set up rates with your Area Director, and have it activated by Choice.

For those with rates center, please provide feedback to your ELFA regional director about the pros and cons of using it in your economy hotel environment.

Louis Smith

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