ELFA Update

ELFA Update

We continue to gather and share as much relevant information as we can with members to help navigate through these troubled days, and position best for whatever may lie ahead.

Fall Regional 2021 Update

The Region 1 & 2 event scheduled for Jacksonville, FL for September 19th & 20th has been relocated to Atlanta, GA, and its dates changed to October 17th & 18th.

If you have registered for Jacksonville, you will automatically be reassigned to the Atlanta event registration. Registration for the rescheduled event is not yet live, and a hotel booking link is not yet available.

We encourage those with properties in Region 3 (NC & SC) to consider the Atlanta event instead of Baltimore if that location is easier to travel to attend. There is no additional fee for registering for a different Fall Regional event than what is assigned to your region, though there is a fee if you register for one event then change to another.

We apologize for the inconvenience, while we fully support CHOC’s efforts to provide as safe and accommodating a venue as possible under these pandemic conditions.

Fall Regional events are back in 2021. Follow the link above and register today. Econo Lodge will only attend the Sunday and Monday portion of each event. CHOC only will meet Tuesday (for elections).

Supply Chain Issues?

ELFA has recently become aware of several instances of supply chain disruptions in the purchase of branded guest amenities. We have relayed this information to Choice Hotels leadership and procurement for additional insights. With shipping issues plaguing much of the economy, we are trying to head off issues that may arise through non-compliance due to supply shortages.

If you are experiencing issues with your own amenities supplies, please reach out to and share with your Area Manager. It would be great if you would also copy us here at ELFA on this so we can better track progress and issues in this area.

CrowdStrike Non-Compliance Penalties Are Being Assessed

Beginning this Spring, Choice Hotels is issuing $150 fees for properties not in compliance with the CrowdStrike software mandate for all front desk computers.

If you are seeing this fee levied on your monthly invoice, please take steps immediately to resolve. Search your GM Inbox for the original CrowdStrike “Welcome / Installation” e-mail from 2020 and follow the installation instructions. If you cannot locate this e-mail, you can send an e-mail of your own to falcon-complete@Crowdstrike.com and request a re-send.

Installation is mandated for all front desk computers and those accessing ChoiceAdvantage. It takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish for the installation process.

Are You Hearing Regularly from ELFA?

ELFA sends out e-mails regularly to its Econo Lodge franchisee members with important brand updates and notices on a wide variety of pressing operational matters. While we do not overload with e-mails, we at least reach out once per month.

If you are not receiving e-mails or correspondences from ELFA in this fashion, please reach out to us and let us know so that we can update your contact information. Please include your property code so we can best update and ensure delivery.

Louis Smith