LADV / LADV2 Rate Codes Still Active Until Rates Center Conversion

Last month Choice Hotels sent out a notice that LADV and LADV2 rate codes would no longer be utilized by Expedia effective immediately, whether or not a property had converted to Rates Center and its SAPR1 and SAPR2 replacement codes.

At the deadline, however, Choice opted NOT to close out LADV and LADV2 codes for those properties not on Rates Center due to too many properties not having yet converted, and those codes do in fact remain active today until such time that your property completes its Rates Center conversion. Read More

CHA, CHO, CLM Certification Deadline to Choice Dec. 31st, 2015

(copied from CHI communication)

Important Operations Certification Update

Earlier this year, we announced that our HOST certification program was moving to a new online format. Unlike other certification programs out there, HOST teaches managers how to be successful using our unique business model. We know our market, we know our customers and we know how you can be most successful managing a Choice hotel. That is why, beginning January 1, 2016, we will no longer accept CHA, CHO or CLM certifications and will only accept HOST certification. Read More

Fall Regional Recap

Did you attend one of the fall regional meetings?

Here’s a quick recap on the items discussed and your opportunity to take advantage of the show specials.

Choice Privileges Update:

Choice Hotels is proposing to increase the Choice Privileges assessment from 3% to 5% of room revenue in return for a $25 minimum room rate reimbursement (an increase from the current minimum of $17).  Read More