25% LVT – Credenzas – Wooden Pulls/Knobs – EMV Deadlines March 1st

25% LVT – Credenzas – Wooden Pulls/Knobs – EMV Deadlines March 1st

March 1st is a big deadline day for Choice Hotels and the Econo Lodge brand. In addition to another phase in the Guestroom Improvement Program needing completion, it is also the date that a new round of fines will be levied on properties that are non-compliant with Choice’s Chip-Card solution program.

Please check your property’s status in your Performance Zones Scorecard.

If your property is showing in anything but a Green zone, then please take immediate steps to make sure that your property is compliant with Choice’s Chip-Card program. The following resources can assist you.

Non-Compliance penalties are $2,500.00, and are scheduled to occur every 3 months for properties that have not met Choice’s mandate. PLEASE take the necessary steps, and seek help in the process, to avoid this costly charge by March 1st.
For the next GRIP phase, make sure you have the following items in place by March 1st, or contact your Choice AD to request a waiver…
  • 25% of guestrooms MUST feature Luxury Vinyl Tile with wood look finish
  • Credenza furniture piece is no longer allowed
  • Wooden furniture pulls and knobs no longer allowed
LRA property inspections occurring March 1st or after will include the above items, in addition to the recent 100% flat panel TV deadline (December 31st, 2017).
If you are experiencing issues with your property’s sub-flooring in relation to the installation of LVT, please complete and submit a waiver form to Choice Hotels, and inform your Choice AD as well. Submitting a waiver does not guarantee its fulfillment, or that it will prevent fees or fines resulting in a failed inspection. However, having a waiver request in the system ahead of deadlines is better than submitting after.
Please feel free to reach out to your area ELFA Regional Director for assistance with LVT ordering and installation for your area.
Louis Smith

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