2016 Fall Regional Recap

2016 Fall Regional Recap

If you were fortunate enough to attend one of the three Econo Lodge Fall Regional meetings – congratulations! They were highly informative from a corporate standpoint, in addition to the economy-oriented educational sessions developed by Choice’s Andre Gratton and his training team.

Recapping some of the more important information shared:

Hotel e-Help Service Portal: This is a website with links to the forms to fill out to make updates to general hotel information, photo updates, rate plans, inventory, or hotel descriptions or amenities. To access this website, look at the right side of the home screen of choicecentral.com

  1. Expedia.com is surveying your guests upon check-in: After your hotel presses the check-in button, Expedia is sending a short questionnaire to your hotel guests, who can respond with a smiley or sad face.  To access the guests’ responses, download the Expedia Partner Central app at the apple app store.  You can be sent alerts, so that you can correct any guest relations issues when the guest is on-site.
  2. SPCM Rate Plan: Choice has created a Choice Privileges Member Rate Plan (SPCM), which currently allows no blackout dates. The idea of this is to offer CP members 2-7% off so they will book at choicehotels.com.  Hotels were set up with an initial discount chosen by Choice for your hotel.  If you would like to change the discount level, visit the Hotel e-Help Service Portal, Click on box 3 (Rate Plans, Inventory & Reservation Processing), and click the link Request to change your Choice Privileges Member Rate discount (SCPM)

  3. Econo Lodge Guestroom Improvement Program Phase 4 Compliance Deadline is March 1, 2017: Check your hotel and understand the upcoming requirements and deadlines for remodeling.  If you have just installed new carpet, of have done so within the past several years, apply for a waiver now.
  4. EMV and Chip Card Reader Installs: Once you have been billed for your new credit card readers, someone from Spencer Technologies will contact you via email (sending email address is info@spencerinteractive.net) to schedule and help you execute the software installation for your hotel. You must pay attention and respond to the email, otherwise your hotel will miss its installation window and go to the bottom of the list.
  5. Area Director Change in Support: Choice executives want to see Econo Lodge owners and managers engaged in their properties.

Area Directors (ADs) will continue to provide proactive service (scheduled meetings) for hotels that are demonstrating these four qualifications: 

  • HOST, CHA, or CHO-certified general manager
  • Hotel has at least one active Choice University student account
  • Franchise billing is in good standing
  • Medallia “Personal Safety and Security Score” is 6 or greater


Hotels not meeting these qualifications will be limited to AD service upon request. Measurements will be finalized at the end of November for scheduling out 2017, so if you are lacking in any of these areas, you still have time to comply.


Louis Smith

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