Archive August 2015

The EMV Liability Shift Is One Month Away

Beginning October 1st, credit card companies will have officially shifted the liability for fraudulent credit card transactions from themselves to their merchant partners, i.e. you the hotelier.

To protect against this liability shift, updated point-of-sale hardware will be necessary to allow for Individual PIN entry from credit card holders instead of the traditional signature receipt process. While Choice Hotels is still in the midst of re-configuring ChoiceAdvantage to better adapt to this new process, property owners can take steps now to protect themselves.

The Fall Regionals will offer opportunities to learn more about what will occur during the EMV shift. If you don’t want to wait that long feel free to reach out to ELFA Allied Vendor Prolific Solutions, who has already been underway helping its client properties transition over. They offer a free solution to ELFA members as part of their overall processing agreement.