March 1st, 2017 Guestroom Improvement Deadlines Approaching – Save 20% On BEHR Paints

March 1st brings about a deadline for a number of new initiatives with Choice’s new Guestroom Improvement Program, including accent wall colors, micro refrigerators, new guestroom artwork, window treatments and furnishing changes. Choice Hotels sent out a revised copy of their guidebook last month, and more can be found on your Choice Central brand home page.

ELFA has long worked with a number of product and service providers that are often more economy-brand friendly than normal, who are eager to work with our membership in saving money for critical goods and services. We encourage you to visit the Vendors section and review our listing of Allied Members for your upcoming needs. From smaller project financing options (Live Oak Bank) to 20% Off paint discounts (BEHR Paints) and more, ELFA is here to help members save money and make their businesses more profitable.

Please reach out to ELFA’s Allied Vendors and see what they can do for you and your property. We have them for a reason – to help our membership meet brand requirements, expand their business, and improve the bottom line.