To better serve our members we have formed several committees that would help us network and share ideas that would improve our brand and make recommendation to Choice Hotels. Below is a list of the current standing committees and their responsibilities. Also listed in each committee is their respective Chair and Vice Chair.

Executive Committee

Katen Patel
Manish Desai
Don Neuharth
Mahendra Patel
Ashok Patel

  • Define Goals and Objectives
  • Develop Annual Action Plan
  • Evaluation of Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Partners in Unity Coordination: CHI/CHOC/ELFA/ROA
Advisory Committee


  • Past President and current ELFA officers offering.
  • Review all information provided to the committee members.
  • Prepare proposals of pertinent questions of Choice personnel.

Fall Regional Task Force


  • Participate in Fall Regional Planning
  • Coordinate with Education and Conference Committee
  • Develop Economy Brand Association Session (Speaker, Survey, Educator, Themes)

QAR & Standards


  • GIS (Evaluate performance, suggest adjustments and assist with implementation).
  • Evaluate and Monitor Brand Standards, Prioritize Importance.
  • QAR-LRA ( Establish Calibration, Monitor results, Maintain Scoring Summary and Evaluate Common Defaults).
  • Monitor Choice Property Ranking System.
  • Participate with Choice APEX and IOY Awards.
  • Coordinate with By-Laws committee.
  • Coordinate with Technology.



  • Continually evaluate/monitor ChoiceAdvantage performance, functionality, and reliability.
  • Implement Changes with webmaster, Coordination of Content from all committees for ELFA.ORG.

Marketing and Reservations


  • Coordinate involvement with any or all Choice Promotions and Advertising promotion now orfuture.
  • Evaluate individual promotion effectiveness.
  • Evaluate online savings work with choice marketing team.
  • Coordination involvement with budget planning.
  • Evaluate past and current budget and spending.
  • Monitor marketing fund properly use any saving put in marketing fund.



  • Solicit Economy Brand Participation
  • Coordinate efforts between economy and midscale brands
  • Assist Individual Coop Chairs with Budgets and promotions
  • Evaluate effectiveness of Promotions and ROI
  • Track benefits to participants
  • Best practice sharing

Public Relations & Membership


  • Develop Membership development plan
  • Develop plan to increase Allied Members
  • Develop accomplishments and benefits summary on a quarterly basis
  • Coordinate with Technology and Standards on ELFA.Org content
  • Update and Coordinate Quarterly Newsletter as needed
  • Coordinate with all committees on Newsletter – ELFA.Org participation

By-Laws and Election


  • Continually evaluate By-laws and adjust as needed
  • Assist with yearly Directors and Officer Elections
  • Monitor elections during convention roundtables

Internal Audit (ELFA ) & Fare Franchise


  • Coordinate with Treasurer and Executive Director
  • Coordinate with Accounting Firm on Quarterly reconciliation of books
  • Coordinate with Accounting Firm on Quarterly and Yearly Tax Returns
  • Conduct annual Audit of all ELFA accounts