Choice Responds to Patent Infringement Letters Many Receiving

Choice Hotels has sent out a notice today to all franchisees concerning letters that many are receiving from JBSHBM, LLC, in an apparent attempt to try and collect funds and monies from franchisees for alleged ‘patent infringements.’ Following is Choice’s statement from today…


“Many of you may have received correspondence from an entity named, JBSHBM, LLC, represented by Brian K. Buchheit, Counsel. 

The letter alleges patent infringement related to loyalty/reward point programs. This entity is known to make claims of this nature, indicating that they will not sue the recipient in exchange for a lump sum and/or annual fee payments.  

We believe that these claims are without merit and will be responding via our patent counsel. If you have questions or concerns about the claims made by JBSHBM and their legitimacy or their effect on your hotel, please discuss with your hotel’s legal counsel.”


It is ELFA’s position that members ignore these letters, and any other outreach that JBSHBM, LLC may attempt to make, while Choice’s legal department works on a response.