Your Voice to Choice

The Econo Lodge Franchisees Association of America (ELFA) has been an active force representing Econo Lodge franchisees since 1974. An independent association, ELFA is dedicated to strengthening the Econo Lodge brand and creating a healthy operating environment for member franchisees.

What does ELFA do?

  • Maintain open lines of communication with corporate
  • Ensure franchisees are up to date on important activity
  • Help create profitable operating environments for members
  • Advocate for franchisee concerns


LADV / LADV2 Rate Codes Still Active Until Rates Center Conversion

Last month Choice Hotels sent out a notice that LADV and LADV2 rate codes would no longer be utilized by Expedia effective immediately, whether or not a property had converted to Rates Center and its SAPR1 and SAPR2 replacement codes.

At the deadline, however, Choice opted NOT to close out LADV and LADV2 codes for those properties not on Rates Center due to too many properties not having yet converted, and those codes do in fact remain active today until such time that your property completes its Rates Center conversion. Read more…

Our Leadership

A new ELFA leadership board was elected in 2015 at the Choice Hotels International Convention to serve the assotiation for the next two years. Meet you board, and connect with your regional directors.

Allied Vendors

Our Allied Vendors play an important role in assisting franchisees with resources and tools that help us optimize our businesses and maximize our investments. See what they have to offer ELFA members.

We're Your Advocate

Let us know if there's any way we can help! Franchisee concerns are our highest priority. Please reach out to ELFA with any questions, concerns, franchise issues, and / or suggestions that you can share. While ELFA is your voice to Choice, it is your voice that matters most, and why ELFA exists.